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re Ring-cutting Machine

Type: SELL
Category: Electrical machinery & Appliance / Others
 Name: Tire Ring-cutting Machine
 Type: ZQT-F1200-ZY
 Main uses: The machine is to cut off the tire lip steel ring, prolong the
 life span of the next machine's cutter, and facilitate the later work.
 Technical parameters:1.Capacity 600---800KG/H
  2.Motor power 1.5KW
  3.Outside size: 1340X990X820
  4.Applicable tire interior diameter 750---1200mm
  5.Pressed gas pressure 0.8Mpa
  6.Expanding jaw rev
 Principle and character: The pneumatic cylinder raises and fixes the tire, by coupling device, the electric motor turns the tire, the feeding cutter on
 the carriage stretches out and cuts off the tire lip in either side.
 1.The feeding cutter's body is made of excellent alloy steel,the blade is made by build-up welding with high rigidity wearing proof alloy welding rod, so the service life of the machine is long, and the tool grinding can be repaired by resurfacing welding repeatedly.
 2.The tire is easy to be installed, with a short reciprocating stroke, and the machine is productive.
 3. It adopts the Manual and automatic working pattern so it is easy to operate.
 4. Simple structure, light in weight, occupying a small area are also the traits of this machine.
Company: Sanmenxia Zhongying Rubber Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: VinawenMrs.
Telephone: 0086-15039851051
Fax: +86-398-2822629
Country: Henan (CN)
City: Sanmenxia 
Zip Code:
Address: Jiaokou Industrial Park, Hubin District, Sanmenxia ,Henan Province.
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