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Fairs & Exhibitions China 2001.Fairs & Exhibitions China has collected information on more than 470 fairs and exhibitions in 31 cities in China. You can search by names, cities, months or industries.
Ciec Economic Brief: The latest reports about Chinese economics.
China Statistical Report. Access China Monthly Statistical Report in the First Half of 1999 for free.
Search Customs Tariffs of China: Comprehensive information about China's tariffs and non-tariff control on importation and exportation. You can choose to search by H.S code, English description and Chinese description.



With manufactures as major exhibitors,CXMEE is the only fair in China specialized in the I&E of machinery and electoonic products.


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Fairs & Exhibition China 2001
Ciec Economic Brief
China Statistic Report
Search Customs Tariffs of China

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