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China Trade Vista -- Connects You to Chinese Companies and Products

Advertise with China Vista

Advertise with China Vista and gain valuable access to targeted China market.

China Trade Vista: Attract Chinese and worldwide buyers and sellers interested in international trade, especially interested in doing business with Chinese importers and exporters; "China Virtual Tours": The majority visitors and users are Chinese and international potential tourists and travelers to China.

ChinaVista has drawn praise and recognition from worldwide media and Internet organizations for its unique business-to-business trading community and high quality offerings on China virtual tours and online tour packages (online hotel reservation and online airline booking), including recognition by CNN, selection as a USA Today "hot site", and praise from Sintercom as the Best of Asia-Pacific.

ChinaVista is maintained by Xindeco Business Information Company (此处是一个连接), the wholly-owned subsisdiary of Xindeco Joint Stock Corporation, the first publicly listed information technology company in China.

Our Advertisement Rates

ChinaVista ad rates range from $20 to $35 CPM (cost per thousand impressions.) depending on the position of customers' banner or button placement.

Minimum ad buy is 10,000 impressions.

We offer discounts for ad buys over 40,000 impressions. We are currently accepting the most popular sizes of IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau) standard including full-banner ads (468x60), half-banner ads (234x60) and button (120x60). Other sizes are negotiable depending on customers' ad buy.


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We can provide client with detailed, daily statistical reports on ad performance using our sophisticated online ad analyzing software.

E-mail and one of our advertising representatives will get back to you.